3 jobs suitable for people with IQ 92

IQ level 92 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, accounting for 68% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 92 mean?

IQ level 92 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some characteristics of people with IQ 92:

- You are gifted with aesthetics, especially the way of defining the composition;
- You are inclined to learn and understand science and technology if you are hard-working and interested;
- You are a regular person, always arrange everything in order;
- You need to spend time practicing improvisation skills to cope with unexpected situations.

Here are some job suggestion for IQ 92.

II. 3 jobs suitable for people with IQ 92

1. Photographers 

Photographers are people who specialize in the art of photography. They are often freelance photographers, hired and worked directly by many clients. Many special photographers such as event, newspaper and magazine photographers will work for a separate studio or newsroom.


Photographers iq 92
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The photographer's job is not simply to take pictures, but also to edit, develop photos of film cameras, print images and ensure image quality in all the above processes. For the retouching process, the photographer must use his aesthetic eye, combined with the specific requirements of the client, to crop photos, adjust color tone, lighting, add or remove subjects included in the image to "highlight" the image.


In terms of photo printing, the photographer must understand the frame rate, resolution, image size, and printing methods to ensure that the image quality is consistent with the customer's requirements.
Photographer classification:
  • Wedding photographer: The wedding photographer is responsible for capturing irreplaceable moments of the couple on the wedding day, of the entire family or party and the whole wedding ceremony. This requires the photographer to get acquainted with the client long before the wedding takes place;
  • Fashion Photographers: Fashion photographers responsible for taking photos of clothing, accessories, models, and collaborating with hairstylists, fashion managers, make-up professionals and designers. fashion to ensure the subjects captured are most striking and aesthetically pleasing;
  • Photojournalist: Photojournalists take pictures and use those pictures to make a story for viewers. They have the talent of transforming a story, an event into a visual picture that can be posted on newspapers, magazines, online newspapers, television or simply a personal blog;
  • Food photographers: Culinary photographers "recreate" food visually in a way that viewers can see its appeal. This is one of the types of photography that is very popular today because of high aesthetic requirements, many challenges and great demand from magazines, food and food websites.


2. Engineering sciences

Biomedical engineering sciences often include research, experimentation and analysis in the medical science field. It covers a wide range of problems, including organs, body fluids, cells, human tissues, immune system and viruses. Find out which pathogenic microorganisms and treatments for humans.
engineering sciences career iq 92
Biomedical technicians work mainly in laboratories, using advanced medical equipment and automated systems to develop, test, and analyze biomedical samples.


Giving results and recommendations on treatments that can be referred to the doctor and medical professional responsible for treating the patient. Biomedical technicians also study the effects of different drugs and treatments in the laboratory and make important contributions to the overall diagnostic treatment cycle.


Although working primarily in laboratories, biomedical technologists can work in various organizations: private and public hospitals, forensic research institutes, medical institutions. local and central institutions and educational institutions.


Professional requirements and industry training:
  • While 95% of a biomedical technician's research is empirical, with little or no interaction with a patient, some employers may ask their biomedical specialists to cooperate closely. close relationships with patients and other members of the medical group;
  • The basic academic requirement for working as a biomedical technician is a degree recognized by Universities and licensed by the Department;
  • Before graduation, students will be sent to hospitals / research institutes for internships to gain work experience. When applying for a job, candidates must demonstrate a high level of competence in a laboratory environment, as well as familiarity with engineering and analytical processes and systems.

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3. Construction workers

Construction workers, also known as masons, or builders, these are skilled people or have been trained directly by manual labor to complete the construction works, infrastructure, houses. door. And they are charged on a daily or periodic basis depending on each contractor building agreement before working.

construction workers

Detailed job description of a construction worker:
  • The work of digging foundations, making iron columns and pouring columns;
  • Calculate the exact height to determine the depth of the foundation, foundation excavation position, balance the standard foundation according to size, perpendicular and parallel. After measuring the exact rate of foundation pouring;
  • Coordinate with iron workers in the process of digging nails. In particular, the main worker needs to direct and cut the right type of iron, the right size, the right type such as: foundation blister, foundation neck and camel;
  • After completing the pouring of the foundation and brace, the mason needs to coordinate with the iron worker to prepare the iron to make the mold for the concrete;
  • After pouring concrete columns, it is necessary to build surrounding walls to ensure that the work is coordinated and maximizes the common benefit;
  • Construction works;
  • Reading and understanding the design drawings during the construction process to ensure the correct implementation process as required;
  • Responsible for mixing, building, painting, painting according to the assignment of the team leader, technician and construction contractor according to professional skills;
  • Build every detail under the direction of the contractor on the basis of the available blueprint;
  • Build walls, shape designs, set up rooms;
  • Constructing ancillary works, painting walls, painting lime, paving bricks, painting, tiling walls, ...;
  • Installing water, electricity and equipment systems in the works.


Handling problems related to construction works
  • Answering questions of contractor owners, team leaders, technicians on issues related to the quality of construction works within their powers;
  • Coordinate with construction workers of other departments to come up with solutions to deal with when arising in the construction process;
  • Quickly propose ideas to ensure the quality of working tools and equipment and workwear.

III. Dan Marino with IQ 92

Dan Marino is a retired former professional soccer player who played in midfield for the Miami Dolphins between 1984-2000. 
dan marino iq 92
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Considered one of the great NFL midfielders of all time, Daniel Constantine Marino Jr. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 15, 1961. Daniel and Veronica Marino's three oldest children, and the couple's only son, Marino grew up in a working-class neighborhood where His father delivered the newspaper to the Pittsburgh Gazette. 
A devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan, with 92 IQ score - Marino went on to become a full-blown American at the Central Catholic High School. His big arms also made him a top talented baseball player, prompting the Kansas City Royal family to sketch Marino in 1978. But Marino put his heart on football and turned the club and Its $ 35,000 worth of rewards are down.
In 1979, Marino enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, where in the middle of his freshman year, he became the team that started the quarter-finals. Marino moved on to an outstanding college career over the next several seasons, setting the NCAA surpassing records for career endeavors, completions, pitch and touches.

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