Is an iq of 96 good?

IQ level 96 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which is belong to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 96 mean?

IQ level 96 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which is belong to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 96:
  • Love music, love dances;
  • Capable of perceiving music and movements based on music;
  • Body movements are both supple and flexible
  • Artistic thinking, well organized;
  • Hard-working, persistent, not afraid of difficulties;
  • Creative and high aesthetic ability;
  • Owning skillful hands.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 96 IQ

1. Mechanic 

The job of mechanic is to work in association with machine equipment such as:
  • Test your devices to find out which parts are not working properly.
  • Welding and assembling machine equipment.
  • Perform equipment maintenance tasks such as oil changes, battery checks, ...
  • Repair and replace damaged mechanical spare parts and equipment.
  • Disassembly and installation of machinery parts according to customer requirements.
mechanic iq 96 careers
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Mechanical is a job that not everyone can pursue because this is a pretty "picky" job. In addition to the requirements of basic knowledge of the field, a mechanic, a mechanical engineer needs to have all other necessary skills. In order to do his job well, a good mechanic needs to meet the following skill requirements.

a. Careful, persistent

Carefulness and perseverance are important factors to have when doing anything. Mechanical profession is especially necessary because if you work superficially, carelessly, not meticulously, carefully, it will lead to many mistakes that are difficult to fix. From there, not only does it cause a great loss to the quality of the product, but your reputation will also be affected.

b. Hard-working, industrious, passionate about the profession

Hard work, industriousness with the job plays a significant part in the success of mechanical engineers. A good craftsman will constantly learn to improve his expertise and knowledge no matter how hard it is. Besides, you will see a mechanic who loves the job will not be afraid of the dirty face, diligently perfecting the details of machines to serve human needs. Not only that, the dedication to the job, the passion for the job will also motivate the mechanic to improve their professional skills, quickly turning theoretical knowledge into reality.

c. Ability to work in groups, under high pressure

With the characteristics of a lot of work and quite complex, the mechanical profession requires the consensus of many people. Not only the ability to work independently, mechanics also require teamwork skills, supporting each other to complete common jobs. In addition, good health plus high work pressure are also essential factors that a good mechanic needs.

d. Logical analytical thinking and high creativity

A good mechanic in addition to the necessary qualities also requires the ability to think logically and acutely. This applies in cases where it is necessary to read detailed technical drawings given by the customer. If you do not understand the exact drawing, logic, it is difficult to do the job as required.

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2. Choreographer

Choreographers are those who self-choreograph, arrange team positions for performers in training sessions, show them how to perform beautifully and continuously.
choreographer iq 96 careers
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Main jobs of Choreographer:
  • Dance composing: Choreographers often spend a lot of their time not only practicing m, but also composing, editing to produce a quality work from the dance, and perfecting it after the series. training day;
  • Art Direction for Dancers: This work is understood to combine closely with dancers, give direction and encouragement to dancers, as well as model and guide dancers how to convey emotions. charisma into the dance;
  • Staging theatrical repertoire: In addition to teaching dance, the choreographers also contribute to the work of staging, television, or music video performances, ... Or they can be a training for an artist, and they can also open their own dance center.

To become a choreographer you need to have the basic elements that are:
  • Like to explore, explore, study, you must love choreography and be enthusiastic about this subject. Because it's really difficult to choreograph a dance, it takes a lot of time. In order for a dance to convey the message, you must have technology and knowledge. Then you have to re-instruct the participants to perform the moves again;
  • Have creative thinking in each dance, that is how you renew the previous dance and also help yourself to challenge and practice more;
  • Quickly grasp trends and trends to build in dance works;
  • You must practice hard, learn, put a lot of effort and enthusiasm to invest in creativity.

3. Carpenter

Being a good carpenter means that you have a full knowledge of materials, machinery, furniture design software, manufacturing process, ... To have a huge amount of knowledge. This giant requires the carpenter to undergo a long process of learning and training. Not only that, if a professional carpenter wants to stick with the profession, he also needs to comprehensively consolidate his skills.
Carpenter iq 96 careers
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Good carpentry skills are required:

a. Carefulness and meticulousness in work

Carpentry is a profession that requires you to be careful and tidy because only this quality can you create beautiful, elaborate and delicate products in every small detail. In any job, carefulness and meticulousness are always the top evaluation criteria when recruiting personnel. If you do not have carefulness, you will do a sloppy business, it will lead to many mistakes, having to do it again will waste time, money, effort and affect your own reputation.

b. Creativity and high aesthetics

A product that is considered complete will have to go through many stages from the design stage, choosing the right wood material, ... These require carpenters to be highly creative, especially with the design stage. design to create new, unique product ideas. In addition, how to choose materials, how to combine color paints is also important for the product to have an eye-catching, attractive appearance, not to be confused with other designs.

c. Possessing skillful hands

The work of the carpenter includes steps that require skillful hands such as carving, trimming, measuring, ... a beautiful product, quality will be relatively difficult. With skillful hands, carpenters can measure and calculate figures of accurate interior designs, avoiding errors that affect the whole process. In addition, the carpenter is also the person in much contact with machines such as drills, screwdrivers, wood cutters, ... If the hands and feet are clumsy, it will be difficult to ensure safety during labor.

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