IQ 95 - What does that mean

Discover 3 careers suitable for 95 IQ - IQ level 95 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which belongs to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 95 mean?

IQ level 95 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which belongs to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 95:
  • Ability to work in groups: respect and listen to the opinions of others to see good and bad;

  • Like to master technology;

  • Love to explore: always have a desire to learn, curiosity about the world around them, each question "why" of them about phenomena;

  • Passionate about creating new things: always thinking to find new things, the best solutions to get the best results;

  • Dynamic: always have the ability to be active.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 95 IQ

1. Laboratory staff for 95 IQ

Laboratory staff is one of the most attractive career options for students majoring in Biology and Chemistry. The working environment will have high and specific requirements to be complied with, but in return, you will contribute a lot to researching and launching meaningful scientific inventions and works.
Laboratory staff for 95 iq
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A laboratory employee is a person who works in laboratories in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, processing, etc., and assists with activities such as collecting samples, conducting experiments, machine manipulation, analysis and research. Laboratory personnel all work with laboratory equipment to analyze samples or substances, test and report findings and changes.

The specific jobs of laboratory staff in different institutions, research institutes and fields will also differ, but in essence their main tasks include:


  • Collect, receive, label and / or analyze samples and compounds using the correct laboratory equipment;

  • Design and perform experiments, laboratory tests in accordance with standard procedures, record observations and interpret findings;

  • Stores all test data and test results accurately, in specified format (written and on computer system);

  • Organize and store all chemical substances, liquids and compressed gases according to safety instructions;

  • Ensure that safety instructions are followed at all times in the laboratory;

  • Maintain daily diary and equipment notebook;

  • Cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments;

  • Order laboratory supplies when required;

  • Technical support when needed;

  • Relevant scientific and technical developments are always up to date.

Laboratory staff qualifications and skills required

To be successful as a Lab Worker, you need the expertise, care, and detail to perform your duties.

The qualifications and skills of Laboratory Staff are:

  • Bachelor degree or higher in Biology, Chemistry, Medicine or related field;

  • Experience as a laboratory staff in practice or in projects and research projects in universities;

  • Experience in operating electrical and non-electrical testing equipment;

  • Be confident and proficient in handling potentially dangerous substances (flammable liquids, poisoning risk, etc.;

  • In-depth knowledge of laboratory safety management systems, preventive measures and laboratory best practices;

  • Knowledge of MS Office Suite and database systems;

  • Able to work autonomously and under pressure;

  • Dexterity and quick hands fast eyes;

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;

  • Attention to details;

  • Analytical skills;

  • Critical thinking and problem solving ability.

2. Automotive engineering technology for IQ of 95

Qualities suitable for the automotive engineering industry.


Automotive engineering technology iq 95
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a. Good health

One of the first factors to becoming an automotive engineer is the health requirements. Automotive engineers have to do quite heavy jobs such as operating, manufacturing spare parts, accessories and assembling cars - movers at manufacturing plants, repairing and maintenance facilities. car. Therefore, this course is often more suitable for men than women, and requires you to be in good health to secure a job.

b. Love cars

Liking is the beginning of all success, so the passion for the field

Automotive sector is an indispensable element of an automotive engineering engineer. Only when you really love cars and want to work with this technology product can you be motivated to acquire knowledge, improve your expertise and steadily overcome specific difficulties of work passionately, enthusiastically.


c. Carefulness

In addition to health factor, carefulness is an important requirement of an automotive engineering engineer. Strictly speaking, this is a quality that is necessary in most jobs, big or small, easy or difficult. Automotive engineering technology is associated with complex and sophisticated systems and details of machinery and equipment, so it requires a high level of process and accuracy. Just not being careful, automotive engineers can lead to serious technical mistakes, thereby negatively affecting the whole system. Therefore, being careful is a human virtue, and especially important to an automotive engineering engineer.

d. Eager to learn

Technology in general and Automotive technology in particular are constantly changing, so in order to do a good job in this field, the desire to learn, like to explore is an indispensable factor. This factor can be started and cultivated from daily habits such as tinkering, updating knowledge, applying new technologies in the automotive sector through the internet, books, newspapers, specialized magazines. ..
In addition, logical thinking, carefulness, meticulousness and perseverance and perseverance are essential elements to bring success to young people who are nurturing their dream of becoming a good engineer to participate in Automotive engineering industry

3. Computer engineer 

Computer engineer iq of 95
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a.Good analytical and logical thinking ability

The job of a technician is mainly around building, operating and maintaining systems and equipment. Job characteristics related to solving problems, therefore, requires employees to have good logical thinking and analysis ability to find the cause and solution to the problem. This quality is not only required in the technical field but also in many other professions, it is also a criterion to evaluate candidates when applying for jobs. With the ability to think and analyze well, it will definitely come with problem solving skills, good jobs, so candidates are very interested in this criterion.

b. Careful, meticulous

Technical profession is one of the high-risk occupations, a single mistake can ruin a project. The person responsible for these errors is none other than technical staff. Therefore, in the process of completing the project, it is required that the employee must consider carefully the parameters, even the smallest details.

c. Good communication

No matter how good a technical staff is, it must be good at communication, how to translate complex technical languages ​​into familiar everyday languages ​​so that customers can understand it. what. It can be said that communication skill is a necessary skill of a good technical staff. For those who are in charge of technical staff and technicians to complete their jobs well, please try to improve their own communication skills.

d. Catching up with new technologies

In this era of constantly evolving technology, developers constantly release new management software and technical software to optimize and improve performance for people. Technology is constantly changing, forcing people to constantly change, embrace new things in order not to be outdated and a technical staff member is not excluded from them.

e. Creativity

Technician's creativity is used in the creation and development of new systems, how everything works best. Therefore, the technical staff's creative thinking skills are always highly appreciated by employers.

g. Ability to solve problems

In addition to the above qualities and skills, technicians must also train themselves to solve problems. Because the nature of the technical people is to solve the problem, to solve the problem firstly requires the ability to recognize the problem, in order to offer solutions and propose solutions. .

h. Good professional knowledge

Finally, the employer will assess the candidates' professional knowledge side. Already a technician, employers want their candidates to have thorough knowledge and use of computer programs and systems and software commonly used in a technical project.

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