What does a 98 iq mean?

IQ level 98 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability,You value maintaining credibility: - You have communication skills: Fluent, friendly, cheerful, or helpful - You have passion: you find excitement in the smallest details - You have leadership qualities: grasp the psychology of others, team teams, take measures to solve problems to convince, reward and motivate reasonably, develop the organization.

I. What does IQ 98 mean?

IQ level 98 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 98:
  • You value maintaining credibility: Be responsible for your actions and words;
  • You have communication skills: Fluent, friendly, cheerful, or helpful;
  • You have passion: you find excitement in the smallest details;
  • You have leadership qualities: grasp the psychology of others, team teams, take measures to solve problems to convince, reward and motivate reasonably, develop the organization;
  • You are a person who lives and works in a orderly manner: arrange everything around the place to be tidy, balance study.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 98 IQ

1. Hotel Management

With IQ 98 - Hotel Management is to organize and manage all hotel activities in a scientific and effective way. The hotel manager will set up rules in the process of managing each part of the hotel from reception, accommodations to dining, events, financial reporting, related receipts and expenses. to general activities of the hotel ...
hotel management iq 98
Depending on the size of the hotel or accommodation, the specific job of the hotel manager will be more or less. In small hotels, the hotel manager controls everything directly, while in a larger facility you can manage it through your supervisor or department head.

Some of the main responsibilities of hotel managers include:
  • Supervising personnel from the receptionist, kitchen staff to the office block;
  • Monitor employee performance and conduct regular reviews to help improve customer service;
  • Manage, track payments and maintain records of budgets, funds, and expenses;
  • Welcome guests to stay;
  • Resolve issues related to hotel services, amenities and policies;
  • Organize activities and assign responsibilities to employees to ensure productivity;
  • Create and apply a marketing strategy to promote hotel services and amenities;
  • Coordinate with external partners including suppliers (raw materials, food), travel companies;
  • Evaluate the hotel's business performance and ensure compliance with the health and safety rules;
  • Engage in financial controls including setting room rates, budgeting, and assigning KPIs to departments;
  • Reporting to the board of directors.
Required qualifications and skills for the hotel management position

To stand out as a hotel manager, you must be able to access and navigate in detail with experience working in the hospitality industry. The ideal candidate will also exhibit excellent communication and interaction skills.
iq 98 with hotel management
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 Basic requirements for hotel management are:
  • By Tourism, Restaurant Management - Hotel, Business Administration or related fields;
  • Experience as a department head, supervisor or hotel manager;
  • Proficiency in English, knowing another language is an advantage;
  • Understanding of all hotel management practices and related regulations;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, hotel management software (PMS);
  • Excellent customer care skills as well as business thinking;
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems;
  • Reliable with multi-tasking and good under pressure;
  • Outstanding leadership skills and attention to detail.
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2. Architect

Architect is the person responsible for conceptualization, planning design, architectural design, interior, landscape ... on the basis of providing solutions for functionality, aesthetics as well as solutions.

Techniques for works, ensuring to create an overall design with a new and beautiful architecture in an area, residential area, industrial park or urban landscape ... are required - at the same time close and be responsible for the actual construction process in accordance with the drawings, the final plan.
architect with iq of 98
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Accordingly, the job of architectural engineering is to use the brain and the creativity of the brain and the ingenuity of the hands to create drawings for new projects or to renovate, upgrade, and repair projects. old judgment at the request of customers or investors.
The work of an architect
  • Supervise the project from start to finish to ensure a high quality, innovative and practical design.
  • Meet with the client to discuss the project's goals, needs, and budget.
  • Prepare and present design proposals, including detailed building drawings, completed repair or restoration projects.
  • Meet with construction experts and clients to discuss the feasibility of the design.
  • Determine the materials needed to build the project.
  • Create detailed plans and images with CAD software.
  • Work with contractors, surveyors and construction engineers to schedule construction and put the design into practice.
  • Ensure all works are carried out according to specific standards, regulations of the construction law, guidelines and regulations.
  • Coordinate work among different contractors.
You will be suitable for the profession of an architect if you have:

a. A passion for buildings and spaces

As an architect, you play an important role in shaping the city's appearance on both the micro and the macroscopic level. If you are influenced by the ever-changing environment and want to participate in driving it towards a healthy and sustainable future, then pursuing an architect career is the right choice for you.

b. Links between people and culture

Every space has its own unique characteristics and reflects the people living in it as well as their culture. Architecture is influenced by human interaction, religion, economics, cultural beliefs, and geography. If you understand these factors, you will surely improve the properties and functionality of the surrounding architecture in the future.

c. Feeling satisfied when looking at your own work

One of the best things about being an architect is that you can see the fruits of your labor in reality. Months of uninterrupted work, meetings, deadlines and busy schedules end up in a great building. Design is an exciting process, but it's only part of the job of architecture. The design was followed by construction activities at the site, then a building simulating the real-life blueprint appeared.

d. Innovative design and continuous development

Architects have the freedom to design and express their creativity, but they are not artists. Architects need to consider a lot of technical details, construction technologies and construction activities on buildings. Design limits are limitless and that is what makes the profession so interesting. In the design process, architects are never rigid but always have a flexible creative mindset to find the best solution.

e. Social and environmental impacts

Architecture is a very important area in people's daily life and has an inherent ability to touch people's lives because it integrates into the socio-economic life of the region or country. . The dynamism in the architectural field is constantly changing due to the ever-changing nature of society. Architecture improves the quality of life and paves the way for a better world for future generations.

3. Firefighter 

Firefighters are people who perform fire-fighting work in areas where explosions occur. The main task of a firefighter is to respond to emergency calls, assess dangerous situations and respond appropriately. Firefighters often show up first to aid natural disasters, industrial accidents, car accidents and other emergencies.
Firefighter 98 iq
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Firefighters have the following main jobs:
  • Firefighting: Fire is the main task of a firefighter;
  • Search and rescue victims: fire victim rescue trucks transport to emergency medical centers.In the case of an auto accident that does not involve a fire, firefighters will Care for injured people and protect the scene before ambulances and police arrive. They also act as rescuers in the event of natural disasters such as tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Firefighters heal victims of disasters or search for missing ones;
  • Perform first aid and CPR, and stabilize the patient for transport to a hospital;
  • Investigate sources of fire, especially in the event of a potential fire;
  • Take measures for future fire prevention: They also educate people and make sure that local businesses have alarms, and water spray systems in good condition;
  • Most of the time they spend their time on fire station maintenance and training.
Skills a firefighters should have: As a firefighter, there are basic skills you must have in order to perform this job effectively and these include that you must:
  • Be healthy;
  • Be mentally ready and hard;
  • Discipline yourself;
  • Can communicate effectively;
  • Have mechanical knowledge;
  • Be a team player and exhibit leadership traits.

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