what does an iq score of 89 mean?

Some characteristics of people with IQ 89: You have the skills to observe and view problems from many directions, have the ability to adapt well to unexpected situations.

I. What does IQ 89 mean?

IQ level 89 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belong to the top of “Below average intelligence” in IQ Scale Range Chart.
Some characteristics of people with IQ 89:
- You have the skills to observe and view problems from many directions
- You have the ability to adapt well to unexpected situations
- You tend to support others at work.
- You are suitable for jobs in the service sector
There are 4 jobs which are most suitable with those characteristics of IQ 89’s people.

II. O.J.Simpson with iq 89


Orenthal James Simpson, known by the nickname O. J. Simpson, like Pele or Maradona to football fans. However, his IQ is quite modest - only at 89. With brilliant sports performance, after retiring in 1979, Simpson is still a millionaire with assets up to tens of millions of dollars. Simpson had a luxurious life different from the poor past.

Filmography about O.J.Simpson (source: wiki)

III. 4 Jobs suggestion for iq 89

1. Beauty therapist

With 89 IQ, a beauty spa therapist can take care of and treat all facial and other skin problems. They can treat from simple to complex skin conditions such as acne, scarring, pitting, pigmentation, pigmentation ... in bringing the best possible appearance to the skin. At the same time, they also have to know to introduce to customers the appropriate treatment packages and consult therapeutic support products after the treatment to achieve optimal effectiveness.
Beauty Therapist iq 89 careers
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Cosmetologists are only allowed to operate on the surface of the skin and massage the face, neck, shoulders, arms and head. That means they can use cosmetic machines, equipment such as skin care machines, light masks, light dome ... to treat problems on the skin surface.
In addition, estheticians can also exfoliate the whole body, use creams, mud treatments, other support products in body massage or whitening baths, belly fat reduction ...
3 qualities of an aesthetic technician, spa

a. Work hard:

Industriousness is the top factor that is required in every profession, especially with a cosmetologist, spa is more necessary than anything.
- In order to be diligent and industrious, you must be someone who really loves the job.
In addition, when studying at the professional Spa beauty training schools, you will also be trained to help you practice those qualities.
- When working in a professional environment, being trained and learning from colleagues, you will gradually change your habits and improve yourself for the better.
- Spa beauty profession is a beauty profession for everyone, so only when you are diligent and diligent in taking care of your clients will they be appreciated and become loyal customers at your spa.

b. Love the job, enthusiasm

- The love of the job plays a very important role in determining the success factor of each student. Because only when I love my job can I feel happy and comfortable with my job that I can create success.
- In addition to the love of the job, enthusiasm always works with the heart, wholeheartedly for the beauty work for everyone so that the satisfaction of customers is also an indispensable quality of each student.

c. Enthusiastic 

Enthusiastic and friendlyIn the field of beauty, it is impossible to follow the "through speaker" style, it must be enthusiasm to bring high results.
Here's how you can keep a client in your beauty center. However, with this factor will depend on the personality and instincts of each person, but can still be trained.
- With your enthusiasm and friendliness, you can bring the most comfortable and wonderful relaxation and they feel right when choosing a beauty salon at your beauty center.
- If you want to start a career in beauty beauty care at successful spas, you must forge three basic qualities that we just suggested above.
To be successful in the field of beauty, a beautician, spa needs to forge these traits for themselves to start in the profession to succeed. 

2. Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant (TA) is the person responsible for providing support to the primary teacher or the classroom teacher.
teaching assistant iq 89 carrers
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English language tutors are assistants who assist teachers to officially impart English knowledge to students. For example, in English class, there are students whose perception is slower, cannot understand what the teacher says, then the job of the English tutor will be to support students to communicate with the teacher.
Although not an official class teacher, but English tutors are like a bridge connecting students and teachers, contributing to the success of the lesson.
The work of English tutors:
  • Make tutors for foreign instructors like an interpreter;
  • Plan each lesson: coordinate lesson plan with teachers and directly support students in their hours ;.
  • Assisting classroom management teachers;
  • Instruct students on how to learn the materials;
  • Support students with homework as well as answer questions during their studies;
  • As the person connecting students and teachers;
  • Offline organization of extracurricular activities related to English.
Although an English tutor is a stable job with many benefits, not everyone can apply it. This job also requires candidates to have some required conditions.
Skills in English
The first and most important factor to consider as an English tutor is your English proficiency. You must be fluent in grammar and speak English well to apply for this position.
Besides, having certificates like IELTS 6.5+ or TOEIC 650+ will also be an advantage for you when participating in the application. 

a. Communication skills

Every day, you always have to contact and meet with students, so it is indispensable to communicate with students.
In addition, you must regularly communicate with the teacher to exchange love of the class and students.
In addition, in some English centers for students, young children, tutors are the ones who directly contact parents to exchange learning love of students.
This requires good communication skills in order for the communication process to be effective with students, teachers, and parents.

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b. Skills in management and coordination

As an English teaching assistant, you will have to replace the teacher to manage the students, settle down at the beginning. Especially for some active students, playing, running and jumping is difficult to avoid.
You must be able to observe and coordinate the classroom, always keep a good class under control to promptly respond to bad situations.
In class activities, there may be students who do not understand or are quiet and will not participate, then this is the time when the tutor needs to intervene to help the teacher.
You need to know how to capture student psychology, stir up lessons and inspire people to learn.

c. Skills of observation and evaluation

In the process of assessing the trainees, the instructors not only rely on personal observations but also rely on the information of their assistant.
Therefore, you must be able to observe and record the learning process as well as evaluate the students' cognitive and learning abilities.
In some English centers, a tutor will be the judge. This process will also help you manage and evaluate students to communicate with parents as well as regulate the lesson in the most appropriate way.

3. Entertainment staff

entertainment staff if 89 career
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Job description of entertainment staff includes:
- Operate according to standards;
- Greetings and welcome guests with a friendly attitude, politely complying with the standards of the Hotel and Muong Thanh Hotel Group;
- Ensure that gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts are full of towels and water for guests to use;
- Check and monitor specifically to ensure the accuracy of service vouchers at gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and karaoke rooms;
- Conducting the work of guiding customers to use services at gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, karaoke rooms;
- Control service quality and customer satisfaction according to the highest service standards of the Hotel and the Group;
- Ensure the highest safety for guests at the Gym, swimming pool, tennis court and recreational activities of the Group;

- Check and prepare carefully for services as well as equipment at Gym, swimming pool, tennis court, Karaoke room, always ready to welcome guests;
- Coordinate with the Technical Department to ensure the maintenance of the Group's equipment works effectively;
- Coordinate with the Hotel Sales department to implement promotions about the Group's products.
- Manage and develop customer relationships:
  • Maintain and develop effective customer relationships to maximize the number of members and highest sales;
  • Skills to monitor equipment and activities to ensure child protection in swimming pools and entertainment areas;
  • Ability to respond and effectively handle emergencies such as fire, explosion, bombing ... in the hotel;
  • Ability to provide basic first aid;
  • Make good use of rescue tools at the swimming pool.
- Other additional skills:
  • Always maintain industry knowledge of yourself and the Group according to the standards of the Hotel and the Group;
  • Optimizing the application and use of computer technology and information in the Department;
  • Applying responsible tourism in entertainment services.
- Report to the Supervisor / Team Leader about all information related to VIP guests, large delegations, serious requests and complaints occurring in the hotel.

4. Master of Ceremonies

The MC is the person who leads the audience during the event, performance or party. Usually, the host is responsible for introducing speakers, announcing and interacting with the audience to make the ceremony schedule as smooth as possible.
master of ceremonies iq 89 career
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Skills a host needs are what IQ 88 people mostly have:

a. Need an inspirational voice

The first way to effectively host your attention is to have an inspirational voice. Nice voice that easily touches the hearts of listeners. If you have voice problems, you can refer to the article: Fix pronunciation errors to have a standard voice, to do this you need to regularly correct speech errors, read with appropriate rhythm. each program category.

b. Fluency in body language

The way of hosting an entertainment program always requires the confidence to attract and attract, practice public speaking skills to make you more successful and happy?
Body language. A hand held more than a thousand words.
- Learn how to free your body, skills needed to get rid of your self-esteem
- Acting: expressive through facial expressions, limbs, body movements.
- MC situation acting according to each program genre.
- Theater skills
- Acting in front of the camera

c. Ability to interview and handle situations effectively

Will the host confidently attracting and practicing public speaking skills will make you more successful and happy?
Interview as well as daily talk.
- Learn about Interview Art of Interview.
- Handling situations in interviews.
- Have a flexible / witty / smart interview.

d. Editing in advance the necessary content and script

Will the MC hosting the attractive and attractive program, practicing public speaking skills will help you be more successful and happy?
    - Being an MC requires editing skills.
    - Understand some types of narration, programming script to learn the layout, structure and layout of a program scenario.
    - Editing sentences.
    - Then you practice the edited script according to the structure and written statement.

e. Need to be able to cheer up and attract the audience

 The MC hosts the attractive and attractive program, practicing public speaking skills to make you more successful and happy. Socialize with strangers that you have never known before to practice conversation skills, exchange or organize games, practice cheerleading skills. 

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