People often mention and remember the celebrities who have high IQs score. So do you curious about famous people with low IQs. Let’s check it out!

1.Paris Hilton

Have you ever wonder if Paris could be the dumbest celeb on the planet?
Nope, she scored 120 on an IQ test, which is nearly with Presidents Dwight Eisenhower IQ score.

2.Kourtney Kardashian
Recently, she was highly voted of the dumbest celebs in the world. But did someone in her family beat her on this list?

3.Nicki Minaj
Another famous person can be in this list is Nicki Minaj. Is she the least intelligence rapper around or a secret genius?

4.Nicole Scherzinger

Another celebrity famous for their appearance than their intelligence is Nicole Scherzinger. The former Pussycat Doll is allegedly a lot smarter than you might initially think.

5.Chris Brown
Chris Brown is in this famous people with low IQs because of his mixture of making bad music and having an extremely high opinion of himself. However, he supposes he is smart and scored around 120 of an IQ test.

6.Jessica Simpson
Jessica’s mom used to say that this star had an IQ of 160. But that doesn’t explain why she thinks that cleaning her teeth by her sweater is OK.

7.Britney Spears
This princess has an IQ score of an average of 104, which is the same as Ronald Reagan. Do you think it’s good or bad?

8.Miley Cyrus
People expect her IQ level can be between 100 and 130, with 119 the most commonly stated figure. However, that cannot explain why she does many ridiculous things.

9.Mariah Carey
Would be Mariah Carey in the list of famous people with low IQs? If you say yes, you are definitely wrong. She has an IQ score of 126. However, she has been quoted as making dumb quotes in her career.

10.Courtney Love
Although she said that her daughter’s IQ was higher than her, she refused to reveal her IQ level.

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