What does IQ 106 mean?

When you have your IQ score, you may need it interpreted to know what it says about your capacities. How smart and competent are you when compared with the rest of the world? What does it mean if you have a specific IQ score? Let's find out what to know about your score IQ 106.

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient measuring a person's agility. The tests comprise of multiple questions on reasoning, math, critical thinking and general intelligence. In order to validate the results, we need a broad range of reference and standards, therefore very low or very high IQ score is hard to determine because it's nearly impossible to form a reliable reference group.

When you have your IQ score, you may need it interpreted to know what it says about your capacities. How smart and competent are you when compared with the rest of the world? What does it mean if you have a specific IQ score? Let's find out what to know about your score IQ 106.

Normal IQ Distribution

Scientists have collected and categorized IQ scores into group. The method is based on the average score of 100 and deviation of 15. A norm group consists of people with score 100 +/- 1 deviation, which means 85 - 115.

Other groups are listed as below:
  • Below 55: 0.1%;
  • 55 - 70: 2.1%;
  • 70 - 85: 13.6%;
  • 85 - 115: 68.2%;
  • 115 - 130: 13.6%;
  • 130 - 145: 2.1%;
  • Above 145: 0.1%.
It is clear from the list that scores of 130 and above only occur in 2,2% of cases. Let's look at this example, if one city has 1 million citizen, there must be only 22,000 of them who would have an IQ score from 130. There would only be one person with an IQ score of 180. Numerous online tests can have you score 130 or higher comparatively easy. However these tests are not standardized and only serve for marketing purposes. If you want to check your IQ score, you have to register with an authorized council to get a reliable and accurate result.

Data also shows that most Ph.D, Master hold IQ of 125 and above. College students have IQ of 115, high school graduates have an average IQ of 105 and semi-skilled workers have 90 - 95. But these numbers are not necessarily true for every cases. One with IQ of 106 can still finish a Ph.D and earn remarkable achievements in their life.

What to know about IQ 106?

iq 106
One thing you can tell for sure from IQ 106 is that you belong to the majority of this world. Around 70% of the population falls into the same category with you. Some may say it's an average score and there is nothing special to know about. But on another perspective, you have wider range of communication and more room for improvement. Statistics have shown that high school students have IQ 105 and college graduates have IQ 115 on average. In fact, it doesn't mean that an IQ 106 holder cannot attend college or get a degree. Some of them, for example famous baseball pitcher Mike Marshall, even hold the title of Doctor.

Average IQ score is equivalent with average speed of processing information, average critical thinking and problem solving. But intelligence can be increased with more time and effort spend. You can still finish Bachelor or even PhD with determination and the will to achieve what you are passionate about. There are more obstacles and difficulties for you than individuals with higher IQ but it's not impossible.

If you have no intention of joining Mensa, which many other people do not either, your score is perfectly fine.

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Mike Marshall - Legend Baseball Pitcher with a Ph.D degree

Michael Grant “Iron Mike” Marshall (1943) played for Major League Baseball as a Pitcher. He was in 9 different teams from 1969 to 1981 and was selected for All-Star twice. He registered great achievements throughout his career, one of the most notable one is National League Cy Young Award in 1974.
mike marshall iq

Mike Marshall 106 IQ. You can test your IQ by Click here

Marshall was well-known for his tricky screwball, which made it difficult for the other to win the game. He had 4 games pitched, 3 saves and 5 games finished when playing in the league. Marshall established major records, which were most appearances in a season - 106 times; most consecutive team games with a relief appearance - 13 times; most games pitched in a season of American League - 90 times. This athlete also did a remarkable job in academic field: He graduated from Michigan State University and held 3 degrees including a Ph.D in kinesiology. Before his 1974 Cy Young season, he had an intention of quitting baseball to focus on his Ph.D.  he ended up pitching for the Dodgers.

With his IQ of 106, Marshall finished his PhD 4 years later, majoring Exercise Physiology. He developed his own method to pitch so that all the pitchers can eliminate arm injuries. Instead of lifting the elbow before hand, the pitchers should swing their arm up. This makes pitchers to lift their hand before the elbow and the wrist faces away from the body and up. This transition goes smooth without causing “forearm bounce". Marshall believes this causes UCL, which made one of his teammates Tommy John undergo a surgery. His unique technique to pitch allowed him to establish record of appearances as pitcher without suffering from injuries. He teaches and advocates his method to many baseball pitchers today.
106 iq

Back in his time, Marshall earned remarkable achievements throughout his career, including:
  • National League Cy Young Award - 1974;
  • NL Pitcher of the Year by The Sporting News - 1974;
  • Major League record for most appearances by a relief pitcher in 1974 (106 games);
  • Member of the National League All Star Team in 1974 and 1975;
  • Fireman of the Year by TSN in 1973 with the Montreal Expos and 1974 with the Los Angeles Dodgers and in 1979 in the American League with the Minnesota Twins;
  • Montreal Expos Player of the Year in 1972 and 1973;
  • original member of the Seattle Pilots.
It is rare that an athlete finishes college so it is not usual for a baseball player to hold the title of Doctor as Marshall. With his so called average IQ of 106, he managed to succeed in both sports and academics. He even invented his own approach to pitching and proved its effectiveness by the decrease in number of injuries one might have when applying his technique.
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