​9 Habits help you get high IQ score

Some people were genius when they were a child. However, if you are not a genius, you can practice and improve your intelligence. Maintaining 9 habits help you get high IQ score rapidly.


How to get a higher IQ?

1. Drink 2 cups of water after waking up

how to get a higher iq

Water is necessary for filter waste process and balance the amount of liquid in body. However, your body is not provided water when you sleep. Therefore, drinking 2 cups of water help your body refill the amount of water losing when sleeping.

2. Read books in the morning

how to get a higher iq

Do you know read book can help you get high IQ score? Instead of read news, let’s read a summary of one of the best seller book. You should choose a kind of book which can stimulate thinking or affect positively to your life.

3. Take a nap

how to get a higher iq without going to school

Don’t underestimate the benefit of a nap. Sleeping 15 – 30 minutes in the noon help you relax and feel more comfortable when you start to work in the afternoon. Then, your productivity will improve.
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4. Do NOT use sugar too much

how to get a higher score on the iq test

To get high IQ score, you need to improve your brain activity first. In order to do that, let’s limit the amount of sugar you use every day because the fatty acids in them are not good for your brain.

5. Use the Internet wisely

how to get a higher iq on genius

Brain has to adapt to the information you receive. However, if there is too much information, your concentration will be damaged. Therefore, you should not read too much news, especially some information force your brain overwork such as new feeds on social networks.

6. Play games and read books instead of watching TV

Play games and read books instead of watching TV iq

Watching TV is a passive activity. Your brain just consumes the information but do not interact or handle with them. A research demonstrates playing a simple game like Super Mario can force your brain active and interact with it. In addition, reading books is also a way to boost your brain to think and imagine through the content you read.

7. Do exercise frequently

how to get a higher iq

Your body and brain have a strong connection. So, let’s take part in a gym or yoga class to stimulate your body and brain work effectively.

8. Always bring a notebook

Always bring a notebook iq

One way to improve your memory is always bring your notebook. This notebook will help you take note some interesting information or some meaningful lessons that you want to remember.

9. Plan for tomorrow

plan for tomorrow iq

People have high IQ score always know how to arrange and manage their work. Therefore, you should practice and improve your intelligence by planning every single task for tomorrow in order to help you work more efficient and effective.
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