Only 25% successful leaders have IQ scores higher than average. Many people wonder how other 75% succeed. Researches states that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the main factor affect to the success in life and work of everyone.

I. What is EQ?

Emotional quotient is the ability to manage your emotion in order to help you make best decisions and improve relationships with others. Everyone has emotion because we are all human. EQ involve interpersonal skill, positive thinking and the ability to choose the suitable way to react with the situation as well as the sympathy among people.

Emotional intelligence

The leaders’ roles are to work with other people to achieve their target. This happens to 2 subjects – employees because you need them to do what you want and the second subject can be customers, suppliers, and others.

A leader with high emotional quotient will understand himself and the others very well, especially with people who work with them frequently. Leaders who own EQ skill strongly know how to influent others by their positive thinking. They face the situation with best attitude, and practice their sympathy to their employees. Therefore, they win the commitment and support of the employees. In fact, people respect and follow the leaders who have high emotional quotient much more than those just have high education or technology.

Beside economic reasons, almost people will follow the leaders because they recognize and develop our best abilities.
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II. EQ in Business Management

EQ in Business Management

To develop personal emotional quotient in business managing, the leaders are required to be objective. This is extremely important in Asia society – the place where showing the emotion is considered as weakness.

However, we all know that it is hard to act without any emotion. Our decisions everyday partly depend on emotion. For instance, the employees’ skills will be main reason to decide if we recruit them. However, it also depends on their attitude. Other example can be when we negotiate with our partner, it depends on not only number, nut also the way we feel about the partner – the feelings about people who are about to work with us.
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