IQ 124 - are clever people always successful?

The CEO of one of the world's biggest money managers has wondered why the performance of employees in the company is not really good. very poor Meanwhile, his company has spent thousands of dollars recruiting students with the excellent academic performance from top universities with IQ 124 or higher (IQ of clever people). Was he wrong?


I. 124 IQ - The innate intelligence that determines human success

What does an IQ of 124 mean? Anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath will probably be able to answer that question more easily. In his book, Malcolm was extremely interested in discovering that high achievers at Ivy League schools did not lead, even though they had higher SAT scores and IQ scores than those who did. the best students in other middle schools. Average IQ scores for these excellent students are from 124 IQ and above.

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Malcolm Gladwell 124 IQ. Free IQ test online

From there, Gladwell shared the argument that Intelligence - or IQ - does not determine success.

II. Intelligence is not a determining factor

Research at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that students who do not have high intelligence scores that outperform their peers are more likely to work. They always strive in any situation, even if they fail, they still stand up and continue the journey of conquering their dreams.

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Some other studies lasting more than 30 years with over 1000 children show that older children are well cognizable as well as gaining experience in early-stage financial success before age 30. These factors are more successful than those with higher IQ and those who have grown up in a conditionally stable, even better family than those with traditional business practices. in the family.

If intelligence is the only factor that determines success, all people with high IQ must be especially famous. But the truth is not. Even geniuses can waste their minds. Intelligent people (often with IQ 124 and above) tend to be subjective, despite opportunities and complacent. It is not the virtues that are encouraged in all things.

Cognitive Control is the ability to manage the emotional disturbances that often take place in everyday life, maintaining the ability to focus and possess perseverance, a willingness to learn. Above all, people with cognitive ability always know how to pursue the end without frustration.

It is clear that there is a distinction between IQ - intelligence - personal ability and the factors that help people succeed in their work, namely, emotional intelligence. The important skills in emotional intelligence are self-confidence, always strive for the goal despite being able to continuously fail, always comfortable in all pressures, cooperation and harmony with the pulse. Surrounding, persuasive and influential. These are the criteria that companies use to evaluate their capabilities and identify their top employees. Intelligence, however, still has a fundamental role to play. 

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III. Intelligence and emotional intelligence will lead to success

Although the calculation of IQ scores is still relatively relativistic, science has also shown that intelligence plays a role in determining personal achievement, business or even a billion. mortality of human beings. Having high IQ also helps many special people succeed in their field, from science to music and painting. The geniuses of the world also have higher IQs. The highest, as we all know, is Einstein.

Assuming that we are all running for success, high IQ is a good start. People with high IQ (usually higher than 124 IQ) are more likely to be near the target than others. But that does not mean that people who are not intelligent have no chance of achieving their goals.

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If people with high IQs just listen to them remember, calculate quickly, their brains store information at a speed of "sorrow," etc., others have to go through the practice, spread Experiment and evaluate for new information storage. We are no more intelligent than others, only differences in the method of acquisition. Remember the inventor Thomas Edison said: Genius is formed from 1% of intelligence, 99% of hard work, try.

Albert Einstein's IQ is about 160, Madonna is 140, but former US President John F. Kennedy is 119. However, compared to EQ and MQ, IQ is not a determinant of success or ability. Your expertise.

IQ tests are often used as a measure of logical reasoning and technical calculations. A high IQ is usually required in the recruitment of high positions. This is necessary, but not enough to predict management and operational capacities. Just for every high IQ is not enough to make sure that the person is competent and superior to everyone else.

In addition, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel laureate of Jewish psychology, says people love to work with people they love and trust, even if those "lovely" people lower capacity, worse product or higher price.

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With that in mind, instead of focusing solely on smart performance, you should invest in improving your EQ, MQ, and BQ. body). Concepts can be difficult to understand and difficult to measure but their significance is far more important than IQ. Perseverance and determination to achieve the ultimate goal play a particularly important role in the success. With these qualities, we will overcome the important turning points that many others give up when confronted.

Obviously, a person with average intelligence but hardworking will always be more successful than a lazy genius!  In short, if you were born 124 IQ or more but if lazy and do not try to succeed, do not come. So, to succeed you have to be persistent and hard.

Do you find yourself possessing the above characteristics ? Whether or not but with 124 IQ you can completely master your life!

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