IQ 148 - You are a genius

There are many studies that indicate that IQ is directly proportional to success in life. So, if you have IQ 148, you are in the genius group or close to the genius. You have outstanding capabilities in certain areas and often reach the pinnacle of the field. The following article will show the common characteristics of the genius group that accounts for only 0.1% of the world population


I. The meaning of IQ 148

According to the IQ scale below:

  • IQ Test of less than 85, low (16%);
  • IQ Test 85-115, normal (68%);
  • IQ Test of 115-130, intelligent type (14%);
  • The IQ Test is from 130 to 145, very smart (2%);
  • IQ Test from 145 onward, genius or near genius (0.1%).
iq 148

With IQ 148 you are in the group of genius or near genius. You have the ability to think extremely brilliant, and sharp in many areas. With your IQs, you can easily achieve success in one or more areas. You can easily overcome all challenges in life thanks to accurate judgment and analysis. Therefore, you are usually a high social status

II. Characteristics of geniuses

Owning the IQ 148, you really have some common points with geniuses. These common points will be mentioned immediately:

1. You have a passion for perfection

According to Isaacson (a journalist, he has written biographies of Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Henry Kissinger), the most important thing to know about geniuses is that genius is not just like intelligence. "At a certain point in your life, you'll see smart people with dozens. What makes one special is their imagination, their differences in thought."

148 iq

One of the differences is that the genius (Steve Jobs is a typical example) are often haunted by perfection. To illustrate this, Isaacson tells the story of Jobs' childhood, at which time he set up a fence with his father. At that time, his father (a car mechanic) told Jobs that it was important that the front and back of the fence were equally beautiful. When Mr. Jobs asked Dad why that was so, because no one recognized the difference, the father replied, "But you will recognize it."

It was a lesson Jobs took with him throughout his career at Apple, carefully studying each of the details hidden as the boards in the first Macintosh computer. And according to Isaacson, that's one reason Jobs is a genius. "An artist really has to care about the invisible," he says, "and that's why he's trying to create a company that changes and changes the world." "Many companies focus on making money. If you really want to create a company that can last a lifetime, you have to focus on creating good products. If you are interested in creating good products, then those products will eventually. bring profit to you ".

Sure with IQ 148, you always pursue perfection right?

2. You love the simplicity

The beauty of Apple products is simplicity, and according to Isaacson, it's another obsession of true geniuses. When Jobs first researched the iPod, he kept thinking about how to make sure that only three clicks were able to hear any of the songs in the iPod library's archive. He told his teammates: 'Do not show it to me unless you guarantee it will only take three clicks.To escape the despair of designing everything so simple, the group created a wheel that allowed the user to scroll through instead of clicking on the songs.

iq of 148

That wheel has met Jobs' simple standard. However, the large off / on button is not satisfactory. Steve asked, "Why do we need it?" The answer is, as we know because the iPod does not need a power button, which automatically turns on / off the power. "Simple is the best" is the life motto of people with IQ 148 as you right?

Famous people's IQ 148: Kim Tae Hee.

3. You make others do things they never thought they could do

According to Isaacson: "Steve was a really nasty person to work with, but he gathered around him the most loyal people because he directed them to do things they did not know they could do."

148 iq percentile

Jobs' tip is not to give others the opportunity to hesitate and doubt themselves. Instead, when an employee or colleague thinks a task is impossible, Jobs will stare at them and say, "Do not be afraid, you can do it." That's the tactic he used to talk to. Supposedly they could reduce the boot time of the Macintosh by 10 seconds. Finally, although previously considered unworkable, Apple has reduced the boot time to 28 seconds, according to Isaacson, "Steve can get people crazy, but they do things they never thought they could do."

With IQ 148, are you always inspiring creativity for others? 

4. You appreciate diversity

According to Isaacson, Ben Franklin possesses a quality that people may not associate with the word "genius". Isaacson attributes his genius to tolerance. He understands that if you create a society of great diversity and everyone is tolerant, it becomes stronger. "

148 iq score

That tolerance leads to humility and condescends others. "Most of the creativity comes from a group of people who support each other," said Isaacson, "who will fill in the gaps and promote the strengths of everyone in the team. It's a part of his genius. "Sure, you always love diversity and your wisdom with IQ 148 you understand the diversity will bring many benefits in life!".

In short, with IQ 148 you easily receive and solve every problem in life and work. Moreover, with the unique features of the genius always available to you, you will always succeed in life! If you want to know your IQ,​just click here!
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