Kim Tae Hee: 148 IQ and know how to drink coffee by Rain

Everyone knows that Kim Tae Hee is one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. Owing to its unblemished beauty and sun-kissed smile, Kim Tae Hee is recognized as one of the natural beauty icons of Korea. His brilliant career and a full-fledged marriage with actor Rain made her much admired. But the actress is a rather quiet person, so any information that revolves around Kim Tae Hee has received enthusiastic attention from the public.


Kim Tae Hee: IQ 148 and know how to drink coffee by Rain

I. Kim Tae Hee is not only beautiful but also very intelligent

She was a good student, scoring a record of 100/100 in three subjects in high school. In 2005, she graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in fashion design. However, she always suspected the possibility of her success in the field. "I always love drawing and creating, but I really do not think I have the talent to pursue a career in fashion design," she said.

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iq 148
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II. Kim Tae Hee was a very shy person

Kim Tae Hee was a very shy person so he did not think he would be a successful actor. "I never thought I could act in front of people because I was very shy and reserved."She started her career as an advertising model and gained more confidence. As soon as she became acquainted with creative acting, she always wanted to learn more about this field.

"Although I never dreamed of becoming an actor, before, I thought my childhood dream was creative and that dream finally came true."

III. The hardest part of Kim Tae Hee's time as an actress

The hardest part of Kim Tae Hee's time as an actress was when she had to wander with a gun in her hand. Although a fan of the US TV series "24", and wishing to have roles like NSS agent Choi Seung Hee in Iris, the thought of having a gun in hand and the sound of gunfire. always scared her.

Kim Tae Hee's acting role in Iris requires a lot of physical activity, causing her to be full of bruises and pain that usually comes at night.

148 iq

IV. Kim Tae Hee is not a fan of ancient movies

Despite playing Jang Ok Jung in the Jang Ok Jung TV series, Live in Love, Kim Tae Hee is not a fan of ancient movies. Kim Tae Hee revealed that he had never watched a movie before entering the movie. However, after reading the script for Jang Ok Jung, she was so impressed that she accepted the role. This is a drama that marks the return of Kim Tae Hee's small screen from My Princess, which aired two years ago.

V. She likes to speak the local language

Kim Tae Hee confessed that she lived in Ulsan from childhood until high school, so the local dialect of Gyeongsangdo became part of her flesh. Although the audience does not have the opportunity to hear her speak locally on the screen, Kim Tae Hee always makes the most of her opportunity to speak this dearly spoken language at home.

iq of 148

She laughed and said, "I have many friends from Ulsan moving to live in Seoul, so we just spoke the local dialect and spoke the standard of Seoul. But at home, I always use the local language, especially when touched or too surprised. " 

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