How to test IQ online

In modern society, people can experience many things quickly throughout social-network and special young generation who want discover some new thing such as game, entertainment and some useful thing for them. Nowadays, test IQ is very popular and people usually would like to experience them on this.

I. How to test IQ online?

You really want to become a genius. Maybe in daily life, you will try to do many ways to develop yourself better in the future. IQ test can help you measure your IQ effectively
As you can see, there are many websites provide free service for you to test IQ. Actually, this is a website that people really like and believe about exactly result and this one can measure their ability and intelligence.
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So, if you know your result high or low, you will see your weakness.

II. How to improve your IQ?

Until recently most research has indicated that our IQ remains relatively fixed throughout our lives. One aspect IQ test can measure is what’s known as fluid intelligence. It describes your ability to solve abstract problems which it will not depend upon skills and knowledge you have learned in the past. This part of your intelligence was always believed to be fixed. No matter the amount of learning or training you undertook your fluid intelligence remained constant for the duration of your life. How to test IQ online better you should improve many aspects below:
  • Don’t become fixated on your IQ
As we have mentioned above your IQ score will not determine the remainder of your lives, other skills which can be learned are vitally important.

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  • Train your working memory
You will stand the most hope of improving your IQ if you manage to improve your working memory. In order to solve problems we hold information in our working memory. A greater amount of information means you‘ll improve your chances of solving the problem. The benefits extend far beyond a higher IQ.
  • Relax
Many problems require creativity which is improved when we are in a relaxed state.

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  • Challenge yourself anyway
A brain which is challenged in a wide variety of tasks forms denser connections. Like muscle we can improve our minds with a wide range of training.
These advices above will help you improve your skills better. And you can know how to test IQ online easily. This thing will support you to check your IQ, furthermore you will feel interesting by any way at

III. Tips for taking an IQ test online

So how to test IQ online effectively? Here are 5 tips that would help you in some circumstances:
  • Read the instructions carefully: the first thing you need to do when taking an IQ test is understanding the purpose of the test is. Moreover, you should take time to look at the sample questions seriously. Only start the test when you know exactly what is expected of you;
  • Calculate the time: this is an important part when doing an IQ test. An IQ test will require you to provide as much right answers as possible. Therefore, estimating the time you should spend for each question give you a clear view and;
  • Don’t guess recklessly: some tests deduct points for wrong answers so do not guess carelessly if you still have time. If you have a high percentage of faulty answers, the result might show you are a sloppy or distracted thinker. Therefore, if there’s only a few questions, take time to think and answer them carefully;
  • Skip hard questions: in an IQ test, some questions might take you a short time, say a second to do, whereas other questions take you over a minute. So the best way is to concentrate on the questions, do not spend so much time doubting about the answer. If after a minute, you are still not sure about the answer, you can skip the questions or guess if the test does not allow to skip;
  • Go over your answers at the end: even if you think your answers are all correctly, you should go over and check them again if you still have any time left.
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