What does IQ 122 mean?

One more difficulty an IQ 122 holder may suffer from is overthinking. They are capable of in-depth research and thorough understanding, so when they face any problems in life, they draw out different possibilities and figure out ways to deal with them beforehand.

IQ test is a common and recognized method used to measure human intelligence. However it is not 100% certain to believe that IQ test is the sole predictor of your success in life. Intelligence can vary greatly in perception of different people. It can be how smart you are at school or just simply how clever you communicate with other people.

It is claimed from scientists that intelligence represents how one person adapt to changes. In some case, that means how to survive. For example, when the surrounding conditions change such as unexpected unemployment, accidents or divorce, your life can lose balance if you lack ability for adaptation.

As we live, we experience things and learn from mistakes. With our own point of view, we decide what is right and what is wrong, what helps our survival. From this, we don't repeat the same mistake again.

And if that's what intelligence is about, how to measure it? In case you have IQ of 122, how to understand about this score?

I. What can be said about 122 IQ

The group of IQ from 115 to 130 is called superior intelligence or highly above average. There are around 15% of the world population in this group.
122 iq

High IQ score equals to high speed of processing information, strong logical reasoning and effective problem solving. They can easily summarize long materials and link data together to form a relationship. That's why they perform better at school and is likely to finish a degree. If they pursue an educational development and academic career, they can employ their brain power the most. IQ 122 mainly indicates this abilities of an individual.

However, they can hardly form a relationship with people around because they can easily get bored from a conversation. They know more than average individuals do, therefore, anything people find exciting is of high possibility something the high scorers already heard of.

One more difficulty an IQ 122 holder may suffer from is overthinking. They are capable of in-depth research and thorough understanding, so when they face any problems in life, they draw out different possibilities and figure out ways to deal with them beforehand. Especially when you do not use your intelligence for intellectual occupation. Your score can decrease if your brain power is not put in good use.

Good and new opportunities await if you pair you IQ 122 with strong will, hard work and dedication.

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II. Courteney Cox - Main cast of legendary sitcom “Friends" with IQ 122

Courteney Cox was born in 1964 in Alabama to a businessman and his wife. She is the youngest sibling and she has 2 older sisters and one older brother. When she was ten, her parents separated.
Courteney Cox iq

Cox went to Mountain Brook High School and then enrolled in Mount Vernon College as an architecture major. She dropped out of college to pursue her career in acting and modeling. Her first performance was a young woman who dances with Springteen in Bruce Springteen's music video in 1984. She then played in Mr. Destiny (1984), The Trouble (1993), music video Good Intentions (1995).

1994 was a turning point to her career and her life. She auditioned for the role of Rachel Green in Friends but got the part of Monica Geller instead. Together with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, Friends made it to 10 seasons, from 1994 to 2004. Cox rose to worldwide fame with this sitcom and became one of the highest-paid TV actress in the world in 2005 with her rate at 1 million dollars for each episode in the last two seasons of Friends.

Cox starred in 4 parts of a high-profile movie Scream from 1996 to 2011. She played as a reporter Gale Weathers, who is in love with Dwight “Dewey" Riley played by David Arquette. They fell in love in real life and got married for a couple of years.

Cox also made her appearance in other movies such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), The Runner (1999), 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001).

After Friends, Cox started her own series with ABC Studios for FX. She both produced and starred in this series. In 2008, she appeared in three episodes of Scrubs and one year later, she played a single mother in a comedy series Cougar Town on ABC. This is considered her most successful work after Friends.
iq 122

Courteney Cox earned remarkable achievements during her career and received many awards for her performance:
  • Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best Supporting Actress - Scream 2 (1998);
  • Gold Derby Awards for Comedy Lead Actress - Cougar Town (2010);
  • Golden Apple Awards for Female Discovery of the Year (1995);
  • Online Film & Television Association for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series - Friends (1997);
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series - Friends (1996);
  • Teen Choice Awards for Film Choice Chemistry - Scream 3 (2000);
  • TV Guide Awards for Editor's Choice - Friends (2000);
  • Women's Image Network Awards for Lifetime Achievement Honoree (2010),
With her IQ of 122, Cox does not follow academic path, which she can totally master, but an acting career instead. She enjoys international fame and did earn money from it. But an IQ of 122 is not a success guarantee for everyone, only passion and determination can ensure you great achievements in life.
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