IQ 135 and the meaning behind

People with IQ 135 percentile are classified as Very Superior Intelligence, according to Wechsler. They are super talented and likely to succeed in any career. Their abilities and interests are diverse and they can excel in different areas.

Some of you may not know, IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient. IQ tests are used to measure how smart a person is and will be based on his/her cognitive skills. They include questions on logic, math, critical thinking and problem solving.
We are born with certain intelligence and IQ tests will help you determine your natural brilliance. And that means there is no question testing your knowledge or life experience. A valid IQ score must be given through a standardized test under the supervision of a professional. Your score is the final result already compared with other people of your age. You can find IQ tests online but they are just for fun and the results are not reliable.
When you have an IQ score of 130 or higher, you belong to the 2% smartest population of the world. You have the privilege to join Mensa, the High IQ Society. But what does it actually mean when you have high IQ, for example, IQ 135?
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I. What does an IQ of 135 mean? 

People with IQ 135 percentile are classified as Very Superior Intelligence, according to Wechsler. They are super talented and likely to succeed in any career. Their abilities and interests are diverse and they can excel in different areas. Many politicians and celebrities have 135 IQ scores and more, which mean they not only gain achievements but also make impacts. Their intelligences and efforts can result in breakthrough discoveries for mankind.
However, not everyone in this group lead a worth-dreaming life. Some of them may end up with an average jobs and have an ordinary life. Many factors can be taken into account such as childhood, living conditions, lack of skills or motivation. At the end of the day, characteristics do matter. They decide whether or not your high intelligence is put in good use. So in case you are blessed to have such an IQ score, try not to misuse it. Your life can change and so can lives of other people, if you know how to optimize your given brilliance.
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Another interesting fact you should know is sometimes, people with IQ of 135 can feel lonely and even incompetent. It sounds unbelievable as most of them are talented successful individuals. How come do they feel so? There are supposed to be 3 reasons:
  • You don't have as many choices to make friends with as others do: Lela Hollingworth, an American psychologist, found that every one of us has our own communication range based on our IQ. The communication range is defined by 2 standard deviations, each is 15, and +/- 2 score, in either directions. That of people with IQ 135 is from 103 to 167. Basically, you choices of friends and spouses have been reduced to 40% of the population. That's why you often feel lonely and can't talk to anyone;
  • You're at a different pace of becoming mature: You mature slower at young ages but then mature further in the long run. Your peers whose IQ scores are lower than yours act more ‘adult' than you at this time but when both of you reach 25 or 30, things go the other way. You may consider them as silly and immature. The difference in maturity leaves you uneasy and not fitting in;
  • You underestimate your ability: In psychology there is an effect called Dunning-Kruger effect. It happens when a person suffer from illusory superiority. They are not capable and talented as they think they are. This cognitive bias came from their inability to assess their incompetence. And on the reverse, people with high IQ score can suffer from what is so-called illusory inferiority. You are excellent in some fields and have merit but you are not confident about your ability. You may think that you are not good enough or incompetent;
  • An advice for those with IQ 135: Anytime you think you are the smartest in the room, seek another one. When you meet people as smart as you or even smarter, you can easily fit in and benefit from it.

II. 7 common types of intelligence

What makes intelligence difficult to measure and define is its diversity. People are smart in different ways which are usually categorized into 7 types as follows:
  • General intelligence: It's your abilities to learn things, understand the processes, reason your opinions, analyze and solve problems, adapt to changes, etc;
  • Multiple intelligences: Intelligence is complicated and can consist of different abilities. One cannot express all of them but can be highly capable of some of them. They include: Mathematical intelligence, Musical intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, Naturalist intelligence, Bodily intelligence, Visual intelligence, Verbal intelligence;
  • Crystalized intelligence: As you ages, your experiences are broadened and your skills are sharpened. You learn things and do things. All of these develop your intelligence through your lifetime;
  • Emotional intelligence: When you are emotionally smart, you can easily read others' emotions and behavior. Based on that, you know have to behave and treat them properly. People with high emotional intelligence are much more favorable and likely to have more friends or acquaintances;
  • Fluid intelligence: It's how clever you are when getting out of troubles or solving problems. What's more, you may find new and faster ways to get things done. You make changes in the way of thinking and are likely to make innovations. However the older you are, the more decreasing this type of intelligence is;
  • Creative intelligence: is all about creating new things or generating new ideas. Artists are those who have high creative intelligence;
  • Practical intelligence: There are many ways to handle issues but people with high practical intelligence will come up with the most practical way. And they discover their ways in literally no time to deal with any situation.

III. Dennis Miller -  Best host of Saturday Night Live with IQ of 135

Dennis Michael Miller (1953) is an American talk show host who became famous for his part in Saturday Night Live (1985-1991). The audience loves his critical opinions on latest events given in a distinctive verbal style and mixed with pop culture references. Miller is ranked 21st out of 100 best stand-up comedians of all time, according to Comedy Central. Besides Saturday Night Lives, he hosted his own shows broadcasted on HBO and CNBC. Miller is also known as a political commentator with his idiosyncratic points of view. He also plays in some movies such as Joe Dirt 1 & 2, What Happens in Vegas...
Miller is a child of divorced parents. He grew up as the oldest of 5 siblings so he started taking care of his little brothers and sisters since an early age. His mother worked at a nursing home and she's the one who raised him. His father left since he was a little kid.
Miller was a shy kid who went to a Catholic Elementary School. Just like any other little boy, he played sports and became the manager for the Catholic Youth Organization basketball team. He had never thought of becoming a comedian until he saw comedian Kelly Monteith. That was the show at a Pittsburgh Club and he was lucky enough to be asked by Kelly about being a comedian. And that's how he first paid attention to his lifetime career.

With his IQ 135, when Miller was a high school student, he earned reputation for his humor. He took part in many extra curricular clubs including Physical Fitness Club, Student Council, Keystone Oaks May Pageant. Even though his great sense of humor was widely known, he was shy and reserved as he had always been. After graduating from high school, he intended to follow sports writer career.

Miller enrolled at Point Park University with Journalism major. He wrote for the South Hills Record since the fall semester of his senior year. He cleverly mixed his humor into his sports articles. Miller graduated in 1976 but did not pursue his journalism career because he did not have enough interest in other people's business to report their events.

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After graduation, Miller went through several jobs to earn for a living. He was a clerk, a janitor, a delivery man and an ice cream scooper before becoming a comedian legend we know today. One time when he was scooping ice cream at the Village Dairy, he served the popular girl he went to high school with. That incident left him intensely embarrassed, which stiffened his resolve to succeeding in comedy. He then worked for Point Park's Recreation Room, responsible for bowling, video games and air-hockey league. He often told jokes and did comedy in the rec room.
In 1979, Miller moved to New York and surprisingly won Playboy's humor writing contest out of 15,000 entries. Miller drew attention from talents agents and the press since he competed in New York Laff-Off Contests. He was then booked for performances at colleges and clubs. However he could hardly make both ends meet so he had to work dull jobs during the day such as bartender or clerk.
His life turning point was in 1985 when he did audition for Saturday Night Live. He went to the second round and got the job. Even though he never did political comedy, he tried to spice up his stage with his cynical delivery and iconic primped hair. With his IQ of 135, Miller is obviously language smart. But he did not lead an easy life when he was young. Together with his efforts and ambition, he finally made his dream come true and became famous. Lesson learned from this case: High IQ score alone cannot make you successful. Achievements are only gained when you set your heart on it.
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