what does an iq of 91 mean

Some characteristics of people with IQ 91: You are quite meticulous and interested in details, have good taste, easy to learn to recognize and evaluate aesthetics.

I. What does IQ 91 mean?

IQ level 91 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, accounting for 51,6% of the world's population and belong to Average Intelligence Group.

Some characteristics of people with IQ 91:
- You are quite meticulous and interested in details;
- You have good taste, easy to learn to recognize and evaluate aesthetics;
- You have the ability to learn difficult skills in a short time through hard work;
- You can observe and evaluate problems from many perspectives;
- You have the ability to handle situations but need to improve your ability.

We give suggestions which are the most suitable job for IQ 91.

II. Which job suitable for iq 91 people

1. Image professionist

It can be understood that retouching is to edit the image to make the photo more beautiful and soulful. In a way that is easy to understand is photoshop photos for raw photos. These professionals are the ones who make custom-made photo edits.
image professionist iq 91 job
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Things to do when retouching photos
When retouching photos, you need to base on the purpose of image editing to be able to have beautiful and suitable photos. The advertisement photo will be different from the personal photo, the artwork photo will be different from the product photo.

 From good photography, photo retouchers need to do the following:
  • Edit the layout, frame of the photo. If the picture is not in the right frame, the main subject is not highlighted, the horizon is not correct, you need to edit the photo, crop the angle to make the best photo;
  • Adjust the lighting of the photo. The picture may have problems such as underexposed, overexposed (blown out) or blackened, noisy, out-of-focus;
  • Photo color correction: Is the color of the photo wrong? If it is wrong, it must be corrected according to the purpose;
  • There are times when the photo is incorrectly taken in the shooting mode, so the wrong color. For example, if we shoot tube light mode for outdoor space, the picture will be cold or take indoors mode outdoors, the colors will not be realistic;
  • Therefore, the retoucher will help you with the color treatment;
  • Highlight the main subject of the photo. Eliminate redundant details in the image that distract the observer's focus;
  • Edit skin color for the best character. Many times, the image is over or underexposed, making the subject's skin too white or dark, making the skin unreal and losing the soul of the photo.

2. Automotive engineering

Automotive engineering is a discipline that integrates knowledge of many fields: mechanical engineering, automation, electrical - electronics and machine manufacturing technology, specializing in the exploitation, use and management of technical services. automotive such as operating spare parts production, assembling, improving and improving efficiency.
automotive engineering iq 91 career
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Nowadays, when the society develops and the travel habits of people are also changed, cars are considered as a popular and popular means in almost all countries around the world. Therefore, maintenance and maintenance of engines and automated systems to research and innovation in technology and new product lines in line with market trends require the important role of public experts and engineers. automotive technology with high technical level.
Automotive engineer work:
- Designing, manufacturing and assembling vehicles;
- Checking and testing products before leaving the factory;
- Support technical advice for other departments;
- Fix and fix errors for current products;
- Research, design, improve products. * After-sales service department;
- Warranty and maintenance for customers;
- Receive and respond to customer feedback on product technical problems;
- Support sales staff during product consultation.

3. Receptionist

The front desk staff are those who work in the lobby department of the hotel; has the task of answering the phone, receiving and providing information, solving customer requests, welcoming and making procedures for receiving / checking out rooms on request, ... The receptionist is usually the first First contact and works with customers, makes a good first impression on the hotel, decides the success in introducing, promoting the hotel brand image, attracting potential customers and retaining loyal customers.
receptionist iq 91 job
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The work of the hotel receptionist is usually divided into shifts (morning shift - afternoon shift - night shift) and is done according to the standard hotel process through 4 main stages: the pre-arrival stage - the stage the stage of arrival and check-in - the stage of the guest staying at the hotel - the stage of check-out, payment and departure.
In general, the main job in the hotel receptionist's shift will revolve around welcoming guests - performing check-in, check-out, paying guests - consulting services and answering questions. for guests if any - receive calls for reservations - receive guests' requests and send them to relevant departments - deal with complaints and complaints within their jurisdiction ..

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