IQ 99 and what this score represents

If you have an IQ of 99, you can still increase your scores by 20 points through practice and dedication. There are 70% of the population in the Average group IQ 85 - 115, you are basically as smart as most of people in this world.

IQ test was first invented by a French psychologist named Binet for classification of children who were attending school. The test mainly defined which of them suffering from mental problems. The test was then developed and standardized for measuring the intelligence of people of all ages. It is believed that intelligence is a complex combination of cognitive skills and knowledge. The IQ test is only used to determine the general intelligence, which is something you are born with.

If you have IQ 99, what does it tell about you? Let's figure it out!
iq 99

I. What does it mean if I have IQ 99?

An IQ test usually consists of multiple questions regarding conceptual, quantitative or verbal tasks. The result is given in number calculated by this formula: Your mental age/Your chronological age * 100 = IQ score. The concept behind this formula is that your IQ does not stand alone. It's compared with that of people of your age.

However, the results are sometimes inaccurate owing to many reasons, both physical and mental ones. You are not likely to perform your best on the tasks if you are not feeling good or you lack of sleep the day before. People tend to lose focus if they are under pressure or emotionally disturbed. Therefore, there are tolerance scores of up to 20 points for each individual.
99 iq score
So, if you have an IQ of 99, you can still increase your scores by 20 points through practice and dedication. There are 70% of the population in the Average group IQ 85 - 115, you are basically as smart as most of people in this world. But in case you are not satisfied with this score, there are ways to improve it.
Read books or watch documentaries: You can improve your verbal abilities as well as increase your information processing speed.
Play Sudoku: It may look hard at first but when you know the rules, it can be addictive and helpful as well. It is proved that this game encourage your brain to function for solutions for the next move. Sudoku also requires for a mind of big picture and arranging things.
Take enough rest and have a balanced diet: Your brain need to regenerate to nurture and form new cells. Lack of sleep and overwhelmed pressure can kill or weaken your brain cells. And your brain, just like other organs, needs nutrition to work effectively. So be smart with your food choices and don't forget to drink a lot of water.
These are some suggestions from us to help you increase your capacities. You can find other exercises that sharpen your reasoning, verbal skills and visual skills etc., to an extent you feel satisfied with. An IQ of 99 also means huge potential to grow higher when you are filled with persistence and efforts

II. Vanessa Hudgens - High School Musical Star with IQ of 99

Vanessa Hudgens was born in 1988 in California to an office worker and a firefighter. She is of mixed race: Her mother is Filipino and her father is American. She inherits her musical talents from her grandparents because they are all musicians.
Hudgens went on stage since the age of 10. She sang in musical theater and appeared in “Carousel”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “The King and I”, “The Music Man” and “Cinderella”. She auditioned for TV commercials in the following years and won some of them. She enrolled at Orange County High School of the Arts but did not join classes full time. She studied at home with tutors to catch up with school curriculum.

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 vanessa hudgens iq
Hudgens made her debut with the role of Noel in drama film “Thirteen” in 2003. Although the film did not make much profits, it was reviewed highly by the critics. In 2006, Hudgens landed the role of Gabriella Montez for the acclaimed High School Musical on Disney Channel. Hudgens together with Zac Efron played a high school couple who are passionate with singing and decide to audition for the school play. With their performances and chemistry, they won “Australian Kids' Choice Awards for Cutest Couple” in 2010.

The film was most watched on Disney Channel that year with an estimated number of 7.7 million viewer when it was premiered. Many songs recorded for the film hit Billboard top 100, especially “Breaking Free", a duet between Hudgen and Zac Efron. Hudgens received 3 Radio Music Awards for songs recorded for High School Musical.

Hudgens released her debut album “V" in 2006 and sold 34,000 copies within first week. A year later, the Recording Industry Association of America certified her album gold.
High School Musical 2 was premiered in 2007 and Hudgens reprised her role. This movie had over 17 million viewers and become the most watched of all time on Disney Channel. The critics gave positive reviews on this movie. After the movie, Hudgens released her second album “Identified" in 2008. There were 12,000 copies sold, 60% fewer that of her first album.

The third part of High School Musical was released in the theater with $252 million earning worldwide. After this series, Hudgens continued following her acting career and appeared in “Bandslam" (2009) “Rent" (2010) “Beastly" (2011) “Sucker Punch" (2011) “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” (2012) “Spring Breaker” (2013) “Gimme Shelter” (2013) “The Frozen Ground" (2013), “Gigi" (2015), “Powerless” (2017), “Dog Days" (2018), “The Princess Switch" (2018), “Second Act" (2018) and the latest “Bad Boys for Life" (2020) which totaled over $425 million worldwide.

Hudgens also starred musical live performances for Fox Channel “Grease:Live” in 2016 and “Rent:Live" in 2019. She took on the new role as an executive producer for “The Knight Before Christmas" (2019).

Hudgens received multiple accolades for her singing and acting career, including 1 Young Hollywood Awards for Trendsetter in 2014.
  • Radio Disney Music Awards for Best Team Anthem - 2006;
  • Radio Disney Music Awards for Best True Ringer Ringtone “Breaking Free" - 2006;
  • Radio Disney Music Awards for Best Video That Rocks “Come Back to Me" - 2006;
  • Radio Disney Music Awards for Best Soundtrack Song “Gotta Go My Own Way" - 2007;
  • Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Chemistry - 2006;
  • Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music Breakout Artist Female - 2007;
  • Teen Choice Awards for Choice Hottie - 2008;
  • Teen Choice Award for “See Her" - 2017;
  • Kid's Choice Awards for Favorite Movie Actress - 2009;
  • Australian Kids' Choice Awards for Cutest Couple - 2010;
  • Young Hollywood Awards for Trendsetter Award - 2014;
  • Audience Awards for Breakthrough Performance “Gigi" - 2015;
  • Broadway World Washington DC Awards for Best Actress In A Musical - Large Professional Theatre “In The Heights" - 2018;
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards for Best Musical Moment - “You're the One That I Want" - 2017;
  • Napa Valley Film Festival for “Blackbird Vineyards Visionary Award" - 2019.
Even though her IQ 99 is slightly under average and she has no academic achievement, Hudgens found her own talents and persistently pursue her career. She rose to fame with her amazing voice and gained recognition from the critics. Once again, inborn intelligence is not everything, effort and determination play much more important role. So if you have an IQ score of 99, cheer up! You have plenty room for improvement and growth. When you prepare well enough, you can simply seize the opportunity and succeed.

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