What does IQ 94 mean?

IQ 94 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which belongs to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

I. How good is a 94 of IQ?

IQ level 94 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which belongs to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 94:

- Resilient, strong: you are good at being under pressure and time pressure;
- Active, flexible and passionate about life: you love to learn new things in life;
- Always put the interests of the collective and the society first;
- Not very competitive in professional and executive careers;
- Have your own style and define your own differences from others;
- Have a plan and think carefully, and act according to plan.

II. Discover 5 careers suitable for 94 IQ

1. Reporter

With 94 IQ - Reporters are people who work in the whole editing, attack commune, television, radio ... Their main work is writing articles, writing news. Particularly zoom media, sometimes they combine with editors and cameramen to create a professional crew to create the best products to bring to readers and viewers.
reporter iq 94
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The required quality of the reporter

To be a successful reporter, you need to have a wide variety of different conditions and skills, but basically you have to do the following:

a. Not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of suffering

Reporters are not the profession of "sitting cool to eat gold bowls", they are people who have to roll into storms and floods, go to war zones or go to sacred forests to collect material for writing articles. Therefore, reporters must be very brave, aggressive, not afraid of difficult spaces. Only then can they stick with the profession for a long time.

b. Honesty and objectivity

Reporters are people who speak the reality of life. They have to be honest when writing articles or reporting news, in order for the reader to see this colorful world in the most authentic way possible. Reporters must also maintain objectivity when working, not let temptations blind them, make them offend their conscience and write down things that are not true.

c. Continuous learning

Reporters are the ones who keep readers up to date in all aspects of their lives, so they need a deep understanding of both their expertise and other routine issues. They also have to constantly try, constantly learn and improve their knowledge to improve their own skills. Only then can they be successful with their chosen journalism career.

2. Artist

Painting is an art in which people use paint colors to paint on a surface such as paper, or fabric, to express artistic ideas. Usually, this work is done by the artist. (Artist is the word used to refer to people who consider painting their profession). The result of that work is works of paintings or paintings.

artist iq 94

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Painting is the dream, the most desired career path of those who have a passion for art. However, it is a long and difficult way to pursue painting profession; it requires a lot of determination and perseverance. Painting also requires a large amount of capital to market, advertise and specialize in a style that is accepted by the market, or in other words, highly commercial.

7 qualities of successful painters:

  1. They have a plan: People who are successful in any field, including artists, also have plans they think carefully, and act according to plans. Some artists say they want to be successful but actually work a lot without goals and strategies. But without a vision and a plan, there is no success.

  2. They have works that show depth and character: To stand out from the crowd, an artist needs to have his own, recognizable style, not create a work that fits the trend or to please everyone - and in the end, no one will be satisfied. both. Successful artists spend hundreds of hours in the studio, developing their signature style and expressing their unique personality.

  3. They create their networks: In many cases, someone you know can help you be successful rather than a talent that helps you succeed. Successful artists seek to build that relationship and develop it. They connect, respond, recommend… and get similar things from others. Finding a guide, a support group, prospective collectors, gallery owners, etc., is easier if you show a sincere interest in them and their business. Sow any cause reap the fruit.

  4. They act professionally: Successful artists know they're doing business, and they act accordingly. They invest time, money, and effort to get the best possible images in their work. They have a well-designed website that fully presents compositions and composing perspectives, as well as works in the most appropriate way. They arrived on time and kept their promises. They understand business relationships and they have good customer relationships.

  5. They try harder than usual: Sometimes not everything you want can be done, so if after trying to find an opportunity they don't work, they are willing to start over.

  6. They manage their time efficiently: Being distracted is something everyone encounters. But successful business people avoid this by focusing on the things that matter most. They learn how to delegate jobs and schedule their own jobs. They know that regular, consistent studio practice is vital to success, just as important as keeping life / work in balance.

  7. They don't give up: They are highly focused on their goals, and persistently sticking around even though it is difficult. They know they need to be consistent and consistent in order to gain attention and start selling.


3. Agricultural engineer

Agricultural engineers are those who do scientific research and apply advanced advances to agricultural production. They contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, ensuring to meet food needs. At the same time, engineers will bring prosperity to the farmer's future.

agricultural engineer iq 94

While studying at school, you will be trained in both professional knowledge and skills. Most agricultural engineers have to do the following jobs:

  • Understand and update the advances of science - technology in the world to apply plant and animal breeding to bring productivity and increase profits;

  • Conduct research and find out the most effective breeding and cultivation methods. Such as manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, crossbreeding, building VAC breeding models, growing greenhouse vegetables;

  • Meet and advise on animal husbandry and crop nurturing knowledge for farmers;

  • Designing, installing and using all kinds of equipment and machines to support agricultural production;

  • Make plans for the rational use of land resources;

  • Implement and direct the implementation of agricultural projects and disseminate them to farmers to improve production quality;

  • Checking and monitoring the quality of care and the condition of plants and animals to ensure the best development conditions;

  • Breeding plants and breeding animals to produce good seed products to ensure effectiveness.

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4. Producer

Producers are musicians who compose and write songs so that DJs can perform on stages. Or to put it simply, Producer is the music producer.


producer 94 iq

Producer creates music products and then sends them to record labels to perform the publishing process. Produces music in studios and uses Digital audio workstations. The software is used in the production of music such as Logic, Cubase, Abletin Live, Logic and Pro Tools.

Producers are the ones who give wings to the dreams for singers and DJs like to blow their souls to produce very vibrant and successful performances on stage.

Producers can support a lot of singers and often they will do projects and then collaborate between other Producers and singers to continue to produce the next music project with combination. .

Qualities help you become a professional Producer

  • Passion: Any career, too, always requires a special passion for music, a passion to be able to follow this profession. Not only that, it requires you to have patience and follow through to the end to hone your skills. And the time you spend also takes a lot;
  • Creativity: With any industry related to art, the element of creativity that is always mentioned is a very important factor in deciding whether you really become a music producer or not;
  • Skills: Any major, too, requires skills. You need music production skills and it's important that you have the knowledge to do it.

5. Accountant

Accounting is the profession of working with books and documents that reflect the financial situation of the business. All are legal "numbers", related to the law. Currently, there are rare enterprises that do not have an accountant and depending on the business model of each enterprise, the accounting department has its own requirements and nature of work. Accounting is a very important part and is considered indispensable in the business.

accountant iq 94
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However, to pursue an accountancy profession you need to have the following qualities:

a. Love math and math related subjects

Help math is the beginning of the natural sciences. Math helps you to have a quick, logical thinking, which helps a lot for the work related to numbers, vouchers, and books in accounting. In addition, statistical probability and advanced math are also subjects that you need to study well. These are two fundamental subjects that will help you grasp the knowledge of accounting in the future. Loving and having a good background in math-related subjects will be the premise for you to change and achieve a lot of success with this profession.

b. Carefulness

Accounting is the profession of working with books and documents that reflect the financial situation of the business. All are legal "numbers", related to the law. Therefore, an accountant must be careful in keeping books and documents as well as being meticulous in each calculation with the numbers of the business.

Doing accounting work also needs meticulous attention and detail to each number, each operation, each process need paper procedures, when the performers do not notice or unforeseen.

This profession is always associated with documents, books, papers, which contain "talking" numbers about the financial situation of the unit, so accountants must be careful in keeping documents as well as calculating math numbers to how they "say" best to information users.

c. Know the laws and regulations of the State on finance and accounting

This is one of the very important factors to ensure an accountant can do his job well. Accounting is a profession where almost every profession must comply with the rules, laws or regulations of the state. Mastering these issues helps each working accountant to avoid unnecessary errors.

d. Love your job

Any career that wants to be successful also needs to love a job, especially for those who are new to the profession still facing many difficulties and challenges, the love of a job will help them overcome all. The work that accountants have to do quite a lot: collecting documents, recording books and reporting ... These jobs require the ability to observe to promptly react to arising events, thereby analyzing, summing up fit them properly. However, if you are a fly-and-dance person who likes wide-ranging communication activities, you need to think carefully before choosing an accountancy career because the numbers are always dry and rigid.

e. Honest, active, eager to learn

Accounting profession works directly with books, vouchers, and money of the business. Therefore, you must be honest, not only with everyone, but also with yourself.

In addition, you need to constantly learn from your predecessors to gain more experience for yourself. In addition, you need to be proactive, creative and have general knowledge to be able to advise the leader to make the right decision.

Accountant is one of the high positions in a business, bank, or financial institution, so the first thing you need to have is high professional capacity. This is most easily seen through a college or university degree in finance and accounting. Experience is the deciding factor when you come to this profession, the ability to prepare reports and present accounting reports, the ability to master accounting software, statistical ability, financial analysis, the ability to prepare and analyze accounting reports as well as corporate financial management, number processing, invoice identification ... all only experience and age can give you this.

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